AERO-TECH布料品牌,以獨特的技術製造出具有孔洞的梭織布料。散佈於布面的孔洞,具有散熱、通氣的作用,能達到涼爽的效果,並減輕織物重量,提升穿著的舒適性。在功能性的訴求之外,孔洞排列設計更增添服飾設計的美感與變化,提高布料的附加價值。 獨特的技術造就高機能高價值的產品定位,標誌設計的概念由傳達產品特性的穿透感和空氣感出發,將品牌字首字母A與氣流的符號相結合,規律中帶著自由,創造出象徵流通與透氣的標誌符號。從形象廣告到各種文宣品,影像風格制定出氣流翻騰與布面交織的神秘氛圍,高端布料品牌的整體形象在簡約的時尚感中體現出來。

Fabric brand AERO-TECH applied their exclusive technology to produce woven fabric with holes. The holes scattered on the fabric surface provide excellent ventilation and cooling function to enhance the cooling and dry feeling; the holes can also lighten the fabric weight to increase the comfort level. Apart from the functional appeal, the design of holes location became a plus for the aesthetic and variety of the clothing design, enhancing the add-on value of fabrics. This exclusive technology creates a product position of high functionality and high value. We formulate the logo concept of AERO-TECH to convey its ventilating and airy features; combining the initial A from AERO-TECH with the symbol of airflow, the freedom within routine presents the image of airflow and ventilation. The mystic atmosphere of airflows infuses with the fabric that runs through the brand from image advertisement to all kinds of ad materials, reflecting the simple fashion embodied in the premium fabric image of AERO-TECH.